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Clarion Shipping is one of the top leading warehousing companies in the Middle East. Clarion Shipping is the proud owner of one of the biggest warehouses in the Middle East, spanning from a mammoth area approximating 75,000 pallet space (21 Meter Height), 375,000 square feet built in area (26 ramps) and 540,000 square feet open land. This warehouse is situated within the JAFZA free zone in the UAE. Clarion shipping has been serving as a warehousing provider and also as a 3PL provider in the UAE for companies from different industries.

In addition to Clarion shipping’s price possession, Clarion shipping also owns several other warehouses which helps facilitate the storage and sorting of shipments for our clients. From temperature-controlled, sections in the warehouse to highly customized warehouse management system, Clarion shipping also offers an extensive array of options that enables meeting the needs of our clients.

Solutions we offer

  • Storage
  • Ambient Warehousing
  • Cold Storage
  • Customs Clearance
  • Import and export

3PL (Third Party Logistics)

Clarion also performs the activities of a third-party logistics service provider by assisting clients transport their goods to the final destination. In order to achieve the requirements of our clients, Clarion has developed and owns sophisticated technology, expertise driven human resources and vehicles that will enable us to transport the goods to any part of the world. Clarion also possesses an optimized inventory managements system that helps assist our clients in a more efficient manner.

Imports, Exports and Customs Clearance

One of the vital steps in imports and exports of products is the custom clearance process which cannot be ignored. Clarion provides for movement of goods from other countries into the UAE and also assists in the transportation of shipments from UAE to other countries around the globe. In both instances, Clarion has a dedicated team of experts that helps conduct the custom clearance within the UAE and also in other countries as well. This creates a hassle-free experience for our clients allowing them to meet their need but also, avoid the struggles involved.


From the smallest exhibition to the largest showcase, Clarion has helped several clients in handling, safely storing and transporting the exhibition related freight to the desired destination. Clarion’s team has handled the delivery and storage of several exhibition items thus providing proactive solutions for exhibitions across the world. Clarion’s team of specialists have assisted with the Motor Show in Abu Dhabi and Doha, Middle East Pool in Abu Dhabi, Watch and Jewellery show in Abu Dhabi and Doha, Dubai Properties Show across the globe, Made in UAE also across the globe, Made in Turkey in Dubai, China Show in Dubai and all other shipments for other exhibitions.

Through our vast experience of over 20 years and knowledge of local conditions and venues, Clarion’s team of specialists are well prepared to plan the perfect exhibition for you irrespective of which industry you might be operating within.

Supply Chain Logistics

Clarion acts as an accumulator and a distributor of products and parts that are required by our clients. Clarion facilitates the movement of products between wholesalers, retailers, suppliers to the required end party. In order to properly facilitate this process, Clarion has the technology and the resources to maintain inventory and transport goods as they are requested. Given Clarion’s vast years of experience and expertise in this sector, we are able to meet and provide flexible and personalized solutions to our customers.

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