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Chemical industry is one of the important industries in the UAE & the Middle Eastern economy and possesses a diversified product portfolio.

With the presence of a large number of factories and manufacturing plants, UAE has a very high demand for export of basic chemicals, polymers, fertilizers, petrochemicals, lubricants & grease, additives etc.

Clarion identifies different chemicals and ensures that proper storage in separate warehouses are carried out along with ensuring that adequate measures to safeguard and transport the chemicals are met.

Solutions We Provide

  • Expert desk on the regulations for IMCO cargo.
  • Pre-approvals with core carriers for specific categories of IMCO cargo.
  • Bulk Liquid solutions: ISO Tanks, Flexi Tanks, IBC Tanks.
  • Flexi Tanks fixing, loading & discharge supervision solutions.
  • Pre-approvals with the shipping lines for our Flexi Tanks and all related documents & certifications.
  • Chemical Storage solutions within JAFZA and mainland.

Why We Should be
the Preferred Supplier

Expertise in IMCO Regulations.

Expert Solutions with Customs and TRA approvals

Long term relationships with core carriers to provide competitive solutions

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