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Relief Cargo Movement & Defense

Dubai being the gateway to Middle East and Africa, a lot of Defense, Relief, and Aid Cargo intended for Remote Areas in these regions originate (as well as transship) from Jebel Ali port and other UAE airports.

Since Clarion’s inception, we have been a major player for movement of it to these locations and have effectively supported our clients and network agents by providing door to door services to the even the furthest hinterlands in these locations. From mobilizing heavy machinery in UAE from various countries and then delivering them to a far flung mine in South-West Africa to ensuring the safety of UN officials in Mali by delivering Bullet Proof Vehicles just produced a month back in Ras Al Khaimah before expected time and cold chain management of meat, fresh vegetables and fruits to expat employees of various camps in Somalia, Clarion has done it all.

Clarion has also successfully deployed Armored Personal Carriers, Air Assault Vehicles, Riot Control Vehicles to Africa, East Europe and Middle Eastern countries for its clients, sometimes even door delivered till active compact zones! What we offer to our clients are not just huge cost savings by planning well, but reliable, around the clock support and superior technical know-how of moving these sensitive cargos to the back of beyond areas in Africa and Middle East.

Our expertise is not just limited to providing cost effective Sea solutions through Containers, Special Equipments’, RoRo and Breakbulk coupled with road or rail till the Client’s door, but also air lift time -critical cargo on regular or chartered flights as per need and requirement at a moment’s notice.

The ability to securely transport defense equipment especially special equipment requires utmost care and skill. Similar to any country in the world, the Middle East also requires the transfer of equipment in a prompt and efficient manner.

Having provided several solutions for transporting products for the defense industry, Clarion has become the regional leader by offering its services in transportation of armored personnel carriers, ballistic glasses, armored aluminum sheets, riot control vehicles and tactical armored vehicles.

Solutions We Provide

  • Roll On Roll Off
  • Sea Containerized
  • Breakbulk
  • Air Cargo Movement
  • Cross trades from all over the world
  • Air chartering
  • Vehicle movement by Air
  • OOG Cargo Movement on Special Equipment
  • RoRo and Breakbulk
  • Containerized Sea Cargo Movement

Why We Should be
the Preferred Supplier

Vehicle Movement

Aid Movement

Part Chartering and Full Air Chartering

Sea Cargo – Containerized and Bulk

Expertise in moving defense cargo in and out of UAE

Strategic relationship with liners for moving defense cargo

Ability to do customs clearance and final delivery in remote sites in Africa, Middle East and East Europe

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