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Air Freight

Air freight is the process of moving products using an aircraft or by renting a small proportionof the aircraft to transport goods for clients. Clarion has maintained and continues to fosterstrong relations with aircraft providers in order to effectively meet the needs of our customers.

Clarion’s expert team is dedicated in providing personalized and efficient solutions for airfreight related needs to any part of the world. With our long-term connections with core aircarriers, Clarion is able to meet any deadline and transport your shipments with a snap of afinger.

Solutions We Provide

Air Chartering

Clarion assists clients, based on their need, with air chartering services byproviding movement of their shipments entirely through renting on aircraft.

Part Chartering

If our clients do not require an entire aircraft to transport their products, Clarion also offers part chartering services allowing clients to rent a portion of an aircraft and transport the necessary goods.

Air Cargo Consolidation

Clarion’s dedicated team will assist our clients with the process of air cargo consolidation. This process essentially entails our client’s cargo sharing space with another shippers’ cargo. This must be conducted carefully and with utmost care which Clarion is expressly capable of doing so.

Express Air Service

Clarion has the ability to deliver any cargo for our clients within 48 to 96 hours. We credit this to our long-term standing relationship with global air carriers in the industry.

AoG Cargo

Clarion has assisted many clients with AoG Cargo in the past. Our dedicated team and relationship with core air carriers will assist with time sensitive and critical movement of goods to the desired destination.

Perishable Goods & Valuable Cargo Movement

Clarion provides swift movement of perishable goods while also ensuring that theyare properly stored in our temperature-controlled warehouses. Along with theseresources, Clarion’s team of experts are careful to ensure that the movement ofgoods are conducted while maintaining the integrity of the product which could beconsidered extremely valuable.

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