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Integrated Logistics Solutions

Offering tailored import services with expedited delivery. Lowering both direct and indirect expenses.

Fast & efficient logistics and shipping service

As a leading logistics company in Oman, we provide flexible, customer-focused logistics solutions. Clarion Shipping Oman’s extensive network across over 110 countries allows for personalized solutions for every customer.             We are proud to be one of the leading freight forwarders in Oman, offering premium customer service.


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Our Services

Our operations across various industries enable us to deliver unique, customized solutions. The dedicated team at Clarion Shipping Oman manages everything from cargo collection to safe delivery at the client’s door.


Clarion Shipping Oman has over two decades of experience in various industries. Clarion specializes in the following industries.
Consumer Goods & Retail
Relief Cargo Movement & Defense
Oil and Gas

What makes us different?

As a premier logistic and shipping company, Clarion Shipping Oman has been serving the logistics industry for over 20 years, addressing the unique needs of our clients. We excel in providing top-notch logistics solutions for emerging global demands.
Innovative Logistics Solutions

Our local expertise combined with a global perspective allows us to provide innovative logistics solutions that save both time and money for businesses. We continually adapt to meet the changing needs of our clients, offering unparalleled support and efficiency.

Advanced Facilities and Resources

Clarion Shipping Oman boasts the largest warehouse in the Middle East, featuring cutting-edge technology and offering rapid, specialized logistics solutions. Our facilities are designed to ensure the highest level of efficiency and security for all shipments.

Customer-First Approach

Our customer-centric approach ensures that every product is handled and transported with the utmost care. Clarion Shipping Oman is dedicated to maximizing customer satisfaction by providing expert logistics services tailored to each client’s needs.

Extensive Global Network

With strong connections to major shipping liners, we are capable of collecting shipments from the most remote locations and delivering them to their final destinations with precision. Our global network ensures reliable and timely delivery every time.

Tech-Driven Logistics

Equipped with advanced warehousing and transport management systems, Clarion Shipping Oman guarantees timely deliveries, efficient customs clearance, and prompt approvals. Our technology-driven approach enhances our service quality and reliability.

Expanding Global Presence

Operating in over 20 countries, Clarion Shipping Oman is well-positioned to serve emerging markets. Our widespread presence enables us to offer personalized and efficient logistics shipping company services to a diverse clientele worldwide.

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