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Project Overview

Our client in Oman wanted to procure goods from China, EU and the US and move them to Qatar. They wanted to cross trade of luxury furniture and electronic/electrical items as supply and installation requirements rises.


The major challenges we faced in this project was that they did not have their own office at the destination country. There were several unexpected delays with production of goods as all items were custom made and required close inspection which caused further delay in shipping the products. One prominent issue was the inability to use air freight to move the cargo as the volume was extremely large and the close deadlines acted against the very long transit time from port of origin to the destination.

Over the challenges that was described, there was a high need to avoid to any air and sea port congestion at destination along with the plausible delays that could arise at the transshipment port.

Key Action Taken

  • Our dedicated team of experts visited suppliers and the final client along with our customer to understand their constraints and requirements.
  • Clarion offered rates on door to door basis, including trade license for importing the cargo at destination.
  • Clarion’s team found faster transit time avoiding nearby small port and cargo trucked to nearest major port with some 400kms extra trucking.
  • We moved to the hub port that is near the final destination with another 600kms extra trucking, effectively reducing the transit time by 50-60%.
  • By avoiding the congestion at the port of departure (POD), total savings on transit time was 70%.

Tangible Results

Secure the business

Clarion helped our client secure the business by giving them a project solution that had costing with economical rates and viable time frames.

Team efficiently

Our team efficiently moved around 1000 TEUs in 4-5 months.

Highly satisfied client

Clarion had a highly satisfied client as they were able to meet all their deadlines and thus evaded any major fines/penalties whilst incurring very minimal charges compared to the costs of air freight.

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