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July 28, 2021
 Freight forwarding is a crucial business for the GCC countries, as they lack the latest infrastructure of their counterparts in the developed countries. Most of the developed countries in the world use sophisticated tools and applications, which on the other hand, modifies the transportation and logistics industry in all its stages of operation.
Logistics companies in the GCC countries have not taken this as it is a need of the hour to remain competitive. Going digital improves efficiency. Numerous technologies are emerging in GCC’s T & L industry, out of which many of them are still in their original frames rather than implementing. Most companies have a great way to advance. Several digital technologies are yet to be adopted by a logistics company for cross-border transportation in the GCC. It involves transferring physical materials to handling information. Completely automated loading and offloading services are other merits of digital technology.
Cross-border transportation requires security, ability, and clarity for the complete system starting from inception to end. It must be well planned with scrupulous care in every step. When goods like heavy machinery and cargoes related to various projects are forwarded, legal paperwork and permissions are required, as each country has its own rules and ordinances. Thus, cross-border transportation in the GCC region needs thorough planning with meticulous care every step of the way. 
Digital solutions can lessen working expenses by almost 10 to 30 percent. It also diminishes up to 75 percent operational uncertainty and disruptions. To achieve these gains, companies in GCC need to push fast to their competitors. Some of the companies are performing these facilities that lead to gain in function and finance. 
Clarion Logistic, a leading freight forwarding company, gives reliable and economical cross-border transportation in the GCC region. We extend efficient services for enterprises that need cross-border transportation of all their requirements. At Clarion Logistics, the best freight forwarding company, we have an extensive squadron of big trucks, front loaders, and trucks with different features to support deliverables from pick-up to destination. 
Clarion Logistics’ knowledge in documentation, vendor management, and cost-effective solutions in moving cross border makes us unique. This makes us rated all-starred among the customers. 
We have trained drivers with several years of experience in moving heavy lift equipment and cargo over the GCC region. They also know the routes. Apart from this, we also give route optimization using the most advanced technology. In turn, this makes the whole process well organized and effective.
Our team of experts enables enterprises to move expensive material and machinery without any damage on time. Our unique insurance policies will ensure clients on the safety of the shipped items.  
Cross-border movement in the GCC countries is one of our most noted specialties. We extend all border check solutions and operate on solving any specific concerns that may happen at the border. Clarion Logistics, the leading freight forwarding company, provides cross-shipping documentation and has connections in the border department to render smooth and reliable delivery. With our latest tracking and logistics technology, you can now have an eye on your shipment trucks or container. All your freights can be tracked from the time of shipment till the end. Clarion Logistics, the leading freight forwarding company, also extends custom approvals so that cross-border transportation in the GCC region becomes smooth. It also further ensures our authenticity as a transport firm. The customs clearance team at Clarion Logistics will work on any customs-related issues and ensures that heavy machinery and project materials are moved securely. Our team also helps and guides you on customs, border control, tax, and all other things required in cross-border transportation.  

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