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September 30, 2021
Organizing the world’s best show during a pandemic is a practical nightmare. The level of operational and logistics planning that went into shipping vast amounts of equipment, machinery, and construction supplies for the Expo 2020 Dubai site is mind-boggling. 
Clarion, being the logistics partner of many countries in the Dubai Expo 2020 was entrusted with the task of delivering consignments to various participating country pavilions.
Based across 20 countries, the Clarion Shipping Services LLC, established in 1996 in Dubai, today, is a global Ocean and Freight Forwarder, NVOCC, and a fully integrated Logistics and Supply Chain network provider with 50 offices in 20 countries encompassing over 750 dedicated employees in its network. We serve as your logistics provider who understands the requirements of the fast-growing market in the region.
All eyes will be on the Logistics sector at the Dubai Expo2020. The Dubai Expo is sure to be the most significant event in the middle east. The Expo will support the logistics sector and especially the logistics companies in Dubai so that UAE can emerge as a global pioneer in logistics. Clarion Shipping Services LLC has over the years grown into a trustworthy and customer-friendly endeavor with a high-end network that was built on the grounds of consistent hard work. We are positive that Dubai 2020 Expo will be a makeover that elevates us to the level of a global leader in the industry.
You might have heard that the clearance of cargo at the boarding point is often a fragile business and tedious task. We offer our best services at this juncture for easy clearance and subsequent transportation to the respective pavilion in the Dubai Expo 2020. We also help in offloading the shipment. We offer complete supply chain services, in which we pick the cargo from its loading point and drop it at the delivery stop post-clearance at the port. A two-decade-long experience with the GCC and the local transportation in the UAE helps us to be the customer-favorite logistic solution.
Storage and warehouse facilities are yet another of our many but best services. Assume you’re a part of the pavilion’s management. Finding the time to go to the self-storage unit and store or retrieve belongings can be a difficult task in this situation. Extending across 75,000 pallet space (21 Meter Height), 375,000 square feet built-in area (26 ramps), and 540,000 square feet open land, we bestow the biggest warehouse in the middle-east. At this point, we store cargo for clients and deliver it to them when they want it in their pavilion. Pick-up and drop-off services are some of the solutions we provide. Scheduling the service for when you have free time allows you to concentrate on the exhibition.

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