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Air Freight

Air freight, a crucial aspect of logistics, entails the swift transportation of goods via aircraft or by chartering specific aircraft space to cater to client needs. Clarion Shipping USA maintains and cultivates robust relationships with aircraft providers, ensuring the effective fulfillment of our customers' requirements.

At Clarion Shipping USA, our dedicated team of experts is committed to delivering personalized and efficient solutions for all your airfreight needs, regardless of the destination. Leveraging our long-standing relationships with core air carriers, Clarion ensures prompt delivery, effortlessly transporting your shipments with precision and speed.

Solutions We Provide

Air Chartering

Clarion Shipping USA assists clients according to their specific requirements by offering comprehensive air chartering services. Through aircraft rental, we facilitate the seamless movement of shipments, ensuring dedicated transportation tailored to each client's needs.

Part Chartering

For clients who don't require the entirety of an aircraft for their shipments, Clarion Shipping USA offers part chartering services. This flexible option allows clients to rent a portion of an aircraft, ensuring efficient transportation of their goods while minimizing costs and maximizing convenience.

Air Cargo Consolidation

The dedicated team at Clarion Shipping USA is committed to assisting our clients with the meticulous process of air cargo consolidation. This service involves strategically sharing cargo space with other shippers, optimizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With Clarion's expertise and careful attention to detail, this process is executed with precision and utmost care, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of all shipments.

Express Air Service

Clarion Shipping USA boasts the capability to deliver any cargo for our clients within an impressive timeframe of 48 to 96 hours. This efficiency is attributed to our longstanding relationships with global air carriers in the industry, enabling us to prioritize swift and reliable transportation solutions for our valued clientele.

AoG Cargo

Clarion Shipping USA has a proven track record of assisting numerous clients with Aircraft on Ground (AoG) Cargo in the past. Our dedicated team, coupled with our strong relationships with core air carriers, ensures the timely and critical movement of goods to their desired destinations, especially in time-sensitive situations.

Perishable Goods & Valuable Cargo Movement

Clarion Shipping USA offers swift transportation of perishable goods, coupled with meticulous storage in our temperature-controlled warehouses. In addition to these resources, our team of experts ensures the careful movement of goods while prioritizing the integrity of the products, especially those of high value.

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