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Providing unmatched shipping and supply chain solutions to businesses globally as a shipping company based in the UK

Rapid and effective logistics service

Clarion Shipping Group was established in the year 1996, with its headquarters situated in Dubai. The company operates across more than 17 countries, spanning the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United States of America.

Clarion Shipping & Logistics UK Ltd., based in Essex, UK, is a leading shipping company providing comprehensive multimodal transportation and logistics solutions for businesses’ Import and Export requirements. Our services encompass Sea, Air, Road, and Rail transportation, along with Customs Brokerage, third-party logistics, supply chain management, Auto Logistics, Liquid Logistics, E-commerce fulfillment, and returns management.

Leveraging our own network of offices, combined with reliable global partners, and supplemented by our electronic capabilities, we deliver cost-effective, customized global transportation and logistics solutions specifically tailored to meet individual customer requirements with personalized services.

As a prominent shipping company in the UK, we leverage our extensive network of offices, reliable global partners, and cutting-edge electronic capabilities. This synergy enables us to deliver cost-effective, customized global transportation and logistics solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer. Our commitment to personalized services sets us apart in the realm of shipping and logistics.


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Clarion Shipping Services LLC, founded in 1996, is a swiftly expanding logistics service provider known for its value-added offerings

Operating as a prominent shipping company in the UK, Clarion Shipping Services LLC has established itself as a global leader in the logistics industry. Leveraging vast experience and a strong market presence, Clarion possesses extensive expertise and solutions, allowing them to think locally and act globally. With our expansive warehouse and distribution center in Purfleet, Essex, space, equipped with cutting-edge technology. This setup allows us to address logistics demands with utmost precision. Our enduring partnerships with core carriers enable Clarion UK to offer customers competitive solutions.


At the core of Clarion’s mission as a shipping company in the UK is the continuous expansion of its global industry presence. This involves offering a comprehensive array of value-added services, consolidating them into a single hub, thus positioning us as the go-to destination for our customers’ diverse requirements. Our objective is to collaborate closely with clients, providing exceptional support to elevate their business operations.


Clarion aims to become a leading force in global shipping, forwarding, and logistics, offering a wide array of services worldwide. We strive to provide unique and high-quality logistics solutions that meet the varied needs of our customers across the globe.

Management Team

Message from the Executive Director

When Clarion was founded in the vibrant city of Dubai in 1996, its goal was to become a worldwide leader in logistics and forwarding by providing a wide variety of services to clients everywhere.

Presently, Clarion is acknowledged as a top brand in the Middle East and Europe, having operations in over 20 nations worldwide. In the upcoming years, we hope to service all of the main commerce routes as we continue to build and expand throughout all continents.

Our concept is around providing exceptional customer service. We always strive to surpass our clients’ expectations by upgrading our current infrastructure and network, which enables us to establish long-term partnerships with them. This has been the main driver of our success in the past, and I have no doubt that in the years to come, our customer-centric approach will continue to pay off for both our clients and us!

Our staff at Clarion is made up of competent, seasoned professionals that are dedicated to YOUR company. By providing each and every one of our clients with a professional yet individualized level of service, our staff members collaborate to accomplish our GLOBAL dream. They are skilled in handling any obstacle that may arise in this business worldwide.

Finally, I would want to take this time to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for being a part of this trip and to ask for your ongoing support.

What makes us different

For over two decades, Clarion has been active in the logistics industry, attending to our clients' unique needs. We excel in delivering world-class logistics solutions to meet upcoming demands globally.

  • Expert Logistics Solutions
  • Countless Facilities and Resources
  • Client-Focused Approach
  • Worldwide Connectivity
  • Technology-Driven Operations
  • Expanding Markets
Expert Logistics Solutions

At Clarion, our capability and know-how enable us to 'adopt local thinking and execute globally.' Leveraging our enduring partnerships with core carriers, we deliver competitive solutions for global needs. Consolidating cargo from various shippers in China, Europe, and the US is where Clarion excels, reducing costs and presenting competitive pricing options.

Countless Facilities and Resources

Clarion, a shipping company based in the UK, boasts ownership one of the largest warehouse in the UK, equipped with cutting-edge technology for swift, efficient, and specialized solutions. Additionally, Clarion manages multiple warehouses and distribution centers across the GCC and East Africa. Leveraging this diverse array of resources, Clarion excels in meeting clients' budgetary constraints.

Client-Focused Approach

As a shipping company based in the UK, Clarion prioritizes maximizing customer contentment by entrusting product handling and transportation to field experts. Simultaneously, the company upholds an ethical work environment. Emphasizing employee health and safety, Clarion provides thorough training and guidance to adeptly address client requirements.

Worldwide Connectivity

Utilizing connections with core liners, Clarion facilitates pickup from any corner of the globe and ensures shipment delivery to the intended destination. Additionally, Clarion is proficient in conducting customs clearance and final delivery services in remote locations across Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

Technology-Driven Operations

With ownership of diverse warehouses and an effective transport management system, Clarion ensures timely delivery adherence. This capability enables swift movement of shipments, securing necessary customs clearances and approvals. Such efficiency empowers Clarion to flexibly manage project deadlines and deliver personalized, world-class solutions for each customer.

Expanding Markets

Clarion, as a shipping company based in the UK, has established a presence in over 20 countries globally and continues to expand, broadening accessibility for more clients. Distinguishing itself from other global logistics firms, Clarion has cultivated expertise across various industries, enabling the provision of highly personalized and efficient logistics solutions tailored to each customer's specific needs.

Our Warehouse

Situated in Purfleet, Essex, Clarion UK’s warehouse stands as a significant asset, providing ample space for storage solutions. Its offerings encompass bonded warehouse facilities, ensuring secure storage for goods under customs control, as well as covered and open storage options across the UK. This extensive range of storage choices caters to various requirements, offering flexibility and security for clients’ inventory.
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