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Clarion shipping services is one of the global leaders in providing transportation of shipments through sea freight services. Considering that this has been an integral part of Clarion shipping services since the beginning of our operations and our continued presence and interaction in the industry, Clarion shipping has become a proficient leader in enabling world-class experience to be rendered upon its clients.

Over the last two decades, Clarion shipping has developed and maintained many core relationships with sea freight providers allowing us to be flexible and personalized in our solutions. Our dedicated team of experts assists with the entire process involved from picking up the product, clearing customs, loading and ensuring that all documents are provided and customs is cleared in the final destination and is safely delivered to the end party.

Solutions We Provide

Full Container Load (FCL)

Clarion shipping provides our clients the Full container Load ( FCL) option from any part of the world to the final destination. Full container load provided by Clarion shipping ensures safe, cost-effective and reliable end to end service

Less-than-Container Load (LCL)

Clarion shipping provides a Less than container load (LCL) option. Clarion shipping and its network provide dedicated fixed-day sailing for both FCL and LCL services with fast transit times and reliable, real-time information to more than 250 locations globally.

Reefer Containers

If any clients require the movement of goods that are perishable or needs to betransported within a temperature-controlled environment, Clarion offers reefercontainers that will ensure that the shipment is transported to the end destinationwithin the allocated time whilst maintaining the integrity of the shipment.

Special Equipment – Open Top, Flat Rack

Clarion has the ability to move shipment that contains special equipment or is over the normal containers size limits by providing open top or flat rack containers. This will ensure that the product is transported safely without incurring any damages.

Break Bulk

If any client requires the movement of their shipment in boxes, crates or barrels, Clarion offers the break bulk service. The movement of these goods will be handled by Clarion’s team of experts to ensure that they are properly loaded individually, safely transported and delivered to the end party. Clarion specializes in handling projects that consists of “Out of gauge” , oversized and bulk cargoes through its expertise in sourcing the right kind of transportation resources and vessel chartering to ensure a streamlined delivery

Roll-on / Roll-off

The movement of shipments like cars, trucks, semi-trailer trucks and railroad cars will all require additional care and proper supervision. Clarion offers the roll-on and roll-off services that helps move such heavy shipments with utmost ease and care.

Ship Chartering

Clarion arranges the chartering of an entire vessel if the client requirements are high. All documentation and other connected processes will be handled by our expert team.

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